Hello Glory Train supporters!  I have created this blog in order to collect some feedback on  the show this past Saturday.   I’ll take good, bad and in between. Thank you all for your support.

6 thoughts on “The Glory Train – blog

  1. I must say I really enjoyed the play, from start to finish it capture my attention. Real life GOOD, BAD or INDIFFERENT one could see oneself and others. Looking forward to seeing it again as well as the next play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Had an excellent time last night at NaeRoc Productions LLC of Ride the Glory Train. From the soup to the salad to the actual production itself. Super hilarious but with a Christian message. Thanks Ms Strong for bringing your play to Douglasville.

    *Facebook comment posted by NaeRoc*


  3. Good afternoon Corean. me and my wife we really enjoyed the play, also I gave the information (when you are performing it again) to Pastor Alan he said he will announce it to the congregation as the day of the play approaches.

    *email comment posed by NaeRoc*


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