“A House Divided” is a play to help us understand the importance of  “mid term” elections.  People of color are aware of the primary and general elections but are not knowledgeable about the mid term elections.  These elections are so important.  They can make a different in what party control the Senate and the House of Representatives.   At these elections we vote for our Senators and Representatives.

This play teaches us about the mid term elections in a humorous but informative way.  The play is 15 minutes long.

The setting for the play is the day of the actual November 6, 2018 mid term elections. If you want to see the Democrats regain the majority in the Senate and in the House, go out on this date and vote.

Henrietta (66)                                  Elderly woman.. feisty, from the south
Clara (63)                                          Elderly woman, friend of Henrietta
Mike (21)                                          Henrietta’s grandson
Ellie (19)                                           Henrietta’s grand daughter
Walter (40)                                       Henrietta’s son. Civil lawyer
Jason (23)                                         Walter’s young  intern at his office

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