2008 Agape Gospel Academy Awards Winner
2007 Off Broadway – St. Luke’s Theater


“All God’s Children Got Shoes” (AGCGS) is a gospel musical with 2 acts and 5 scenes. The play debuted in October of 2004 in Danbury, Connecticut. Since then it has been performed many times in cities through-out Connecticut and New York states including off-broadway.


AGCGS comes with a live band! We have keyboards, drums, horn and guitar. The musicians accompany the performers when singing full GOSPEL songs in each scene.

The Play

AGCGS is a play that sticks to you. It leaves you reflecting weeks and months afterwards. This is mainly because the play has a ‘hook’. The hook is shoes. AGCGS takes people and their current day life issues and personifies them using types of shoes. For example, a high heel shoe is portrayed by a person who is arrogant and full of pride. A loafer shoe is portrayed by someone who is unmotivated, and loafs around all day doing nothing constructive. So then, consider the other shoe types- sneaker, slipper, baby, Sunday, patent leather, snake skin. You will see each of these ‘shoe’ personalities and more being depicted and tied to people characteristics and their issues. Some of these issues are adultery, homosexuality, prostitution, gang violence and more. We focused on the issues that families, communities and churches tend to shy away from. By using the ‘shoe’ concept the audience is engaged and drawn into the play because of the humor, the realness and the suspense. They are drawn emotionally and spiritually because someone can always identify themselves with at least one of the shoes portrayed. The play culminates with a strong church scene that pulls the previous scenes all together. The audience is left with a wonderful feeling of hope. The play has many repeat fans. Some have seen it up to 15 times!

This play is not for sale but we would love for you to host us as a fundraiser for your church or organization. 

You many contact me to discuss bringing the play to your area as a fundraiser for your church or organization.