16 thoughts on “The Book-All God’s Children Got Shoes

  1. Hello readers!

    My name is Corean Strong. I am a playwright and a recent author. The name of my book is the same as my signature play, All God’s Children Got Shoes. The book, in a very cleaver way compares people personality traits to types of shoes. For example, a Loafer shoe is portrayed as a lazy person. The book goes on to describe why the comparison, cites biblical people who fit these types and follows up with scriptural references to read so that you can decide for yourself 1) do you agree with my comparisons 2) if you are any of these shoe types and 3) do you need to make a change in your life based on what you read. The book is all about life change, becoming closer to Christ, becoming more Christ like. Read the book and let’s continue to chat about it. You can get the book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble or iTunes using the link below the picture. It also includes a video trailer.

    Peace & Blessings


  2. The book made for very good bible study as I found myself going to the scriptures and reading them to obtain more clarity. It also helped me to understand the comparison between people and shoes. Nice job!

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  3. This book is such a great book when I starting reading it I could not put it down, until I had completed the whole book
    it has a great word and it really minister to me..


  4. I have the book, which is more of a study guide activity. It challenges you to be like Christ and still have your own identity.
    However, the play, All God’s Children Got Shoes, was well done. I think it should be in every church and school, because it speaks to the personality type of people you have in this world and how we walk through life. Along the way you learn important things about each other/personality traits and most important yourself. It intertwines personality traits with shoes and the Bible. By comparing different types of shoes to people’s personality and enforcing with biblical scriptures. In the end we learn that there are a lot of different shoes/personalities in the world and regardless we should all strive to serve God. We learn to coexist and put God first so we can have a rewarding and fulfilling life. A must see play, that touches on all your emotions at different points, it is funny and serious. Looking forward to what is next for Ms. Strong.


  5. I read the book and I saw the play. Ms. Strong did
    an awesome job in representing the various human
    personalities by way of shoes. I recommend this book
    for all ages and this book would be an excellent
    Source of study for small groups, in and outside of
    church. God gave Ms. Strong a glimpse into all of
    us. Get the book! Read it and find out how God is
    speaking to you. You won’t regret it!


  6. I purchased the book at book signing and I was reading during the authors talk, yes I know, rude. Honestly, it was not my intention but I had started and could not put it down. I also purchased another copy for my co-worker for a Christmas gift. My co-worker was so impressed with the messages that she shared it with others at work. For some time we referred to each other by our shoe personality. Thank you Ms. Strong for such an amazing book.


  7. judyrandall824@gmail.com> wrote:
    I absolutely love All God Children got Shoes.It was inspiring uplifting funny and brought lot of emotions throughout the play. This is a must have or must see u will be truly blessed. Truly I love being a part of the journey. Once you’ve encountered the play u too will be like wow!!! The book As well is great. I loved reading it.U will be throughly happy that u chose to Purchase it. It will minister to u. I promise u will find yourself in this book.Blessing!!


  8. Why does mine have to be patent leatha???!!! Hahaha I am enjoying this page turner because it tickles me that I see my friends in these shoes but they don’t know it! Keekee congratulations!:). May u sell through the roof!:) Tann


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